A new ‘pink’ school supplies aisle opens on Recode.com

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Recode’s Peter Kafka and Ben White are back to bring you a look at some new school supplies coming to your local store this holiday season.

This is the latest addition to a list that includes a bunch of new school uniforms, pajamas, and the new pink-inspired sweater.

Here’s what you need to know about the new line. 

The line, titled PINK, was designed by the brand The Pink Line which has its roots in the pop punk movement of the 1970s and ’80s.

The line also includes a new line of pajama pants, a line of pink and white shorts, a pink and white tank top, and a line of purple and white sweaters. 

“I was always inspired by the pop music and fashion,” The Pink Line founder and CEO, Sam Pecora, told Recode last year.

“The colors really stand out.

And with that, I just wanted to take my inspirations and try to make the best products that I could for people.” 

Pecora and his team at The Pink, which was founded in 2014, have been working on the new school supply line for a while. 

In 2017, Pecoras daughter, Kaitlyn, received a gift card for The Pink when she signed up for their subscription service. 

PepsiCo has also partnered with The Pink to release a new line of school supplies in 2018. 

This time around, The Pink also partnered with Penny Brand to produce new school bags and trinkets for kids, like pink pajamis and a pink-and-white pajapu suit. 

But there are some new products that have popped up on The Pink pandemic. 

Now, the line is making its way to the Staples website. 

Recode caught up with Pecoras daughter Kaitlynn and she explained how the pink and purple school supplies have influenced her. 

When you’re a kid growing up in a city, what are your favorite school supplies?

I love the pink, it’s so cute.

I love pink ponchos, the pajammis are adorable. 

What’s the coolest thing about being a parent with your kid?

The coolest thing is, you can tell a lot about a kid.

They’re very inquisitive.

They don’t know what’s out there yet.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid, a mom, a dad, have a question like, “What’s up with the pink?” 

I don’t have a pink school backpack.

I have a little pink backpack and a backpack with a bunch and a bunch in it. 

Do you think you’ll ever have to use the pink school supplies for your own kids?

I would love to.

I think it would be awesome to be able to say, “You know what?

You can have your own pink backpack.” 

What else are you hoping to see in the next few months?

I’m very excited to have a lot of new products from my mom.

We’re really excited to see what we can do with the Pink Line.

It’s so exciting. 

 I’m excited for the new collection of poncho pajamas.

We’ve seen a lot with the new ponchan line and they’re great.

They look great and they feel good, and it’s super fun. 

If you want to learn more about The Pink line, you’re going to have to wait until December to snag them.