Church-owned schools need new equipment

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REUTERS/Jason Reed A former teacher and former principal at a Catholic school in Washington state says her school’s supplies need to be modernized, especially when it comes to classroom and learning environments.

“I think a lot of the things that have gone on at our school are just not working,” Kristi Jones told ABC News.

“It just seems like the kids don’t have enough supplies and it just doesn’t seem like we have a lot to teach them.

It just doesn”t seem like our school is a good place to do that.”

“There are new equipment, new classrooms, new desks, new chairs, new lights, new lighting, new technology. “

They are not just changing the curriculum, they are changing everything,” she said.

“There are new equipment, new classrooms, new desks, new chairs, new lights, new lighting, new technology.

They are not changing the materials.”

Jones said the school’s new school supplies are designed for a world where many families don’t need them.

“When you go to the school and you go into the classroom and you look around, it is not the same,” she told ABC.

“People are not getting what they need.

There is a lot less room.

We are just really short on supplies.”

For years, Jones has been raising concerns about the quality of the school supplies her church purchased.

“There are not enough textbooks and not enough pencils and not much paper,” she recalled.

She added that a lot more needs to be done in order to make the school more modern and make it better suited for the challenges that the growing Catholic Church faces.

“The problem with our current school system is we don’t want to be like any other public school system in the country,” she added.

“It is not a perfect system, but we have to change that, we have not been willing to do it.”

The Catholic school district has also seen its budget and enrollment shrink dramatically in recent years.

In an email to ABC News, a spokesman for the district told ABC that it is taking steps to improve supplies in the future, including purchasing more classroom supplies.

The spokesman also said the district has taken steps to help students and staff with financial and other needs, and will be able to provide those needs in the coming years.

However, Jones said the lack of support from the district, as well as the church’s financial and human resources, makes it difficult to continue with the school as it is.

Jones said she is working to change the district’s leadership and bring the district back to its former glory.

But, for now, she and her fellow teachers have been staying home.

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