Diy school supply retailer Diy’s School Supplies is hiring

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Diy School Supples, the online education and supplies retailer for public schools, has announced it is hiring a team of senior executives to lead the company.

The job posting posted Monday says that the company will be expanding its presence in the digital learning marketplace with “an increase in staffing, an expansion of our digital education team and an increase in digital education products.”

Diy is offering a number of online learning products for students, including the Diy Smart Learning Pack for schools.

The company has also been growing its education division with the hiring of top executives. 

The Diy Schools of the Future portfolio includes an array of educational materials and accessories that include: a classroom monitor that connects students to a remote web app for reading and learning; a tablet app for students to learn and share video; a digital library app for classrooms and labs; and a classroom tutor app for educators and parents.

The school supplies company also offers the DiY Education Book, a digital book that teachers and students can use to read and learn online. 

Diy said it is adding two more people to the company’s board of directors. 

“Diy has the experience and expertise in digital learning to drive our mission and vision for the future,” said Dan Buehner, Diy co-founder and chief executive officer.

“We are excited to expand our global reach with Diy to help students and educators in the United States, the world, and around the world.” 

Dy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Diy Technology Holdings, which owns Diy, which is owned by Diy Education. 

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