‘Frozen’ has 1 million sales in 5 days – Disney

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The Walt Disney Company’s animated film Frozen has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide in five days, making it the most-sold film of all time.

Disney released the film on Dec. 19, 2015.

Its sales, which are not yet in final figures, are the most since it released the live-action Frozen in 2012.

The film was also the first animated film to be ranked No. 1 for the year.

The film is a hit with fans.

The first day of sales was Jan. 1, when Frozen surpassed Disney’s most recent record of 1.5 million copies sold in a single day.

On Monday, Frozen’s sales topped Disney’s record of 7.7 million.

In the weeks that followed, Frozen sold more copies than any other film in the history of Disney.

The Frozen film is in the top 10 on the list of all-time best-selling films for an animated film, according to data compiled by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Frozen was also No. 2 on the best-sellers list for the week of Jan. 3-7, with 7.4 million sales.

Sales topped 3 million on Jan. 12, with 1.6 million, but it fell short of Disney’s previous record of 2.4.

On Jan. 16, Frozen topped the list with 2.5 millions.

It was the biggest week of sales for an animation film, and the biggest for any film released since Disney released Frozen in December 2012.