GOP senators push school supplies bill to move ahead

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Senate Republicans are pushing a school supplies package to move forward this week, as lawmakers continue to wrestle with the fallout from the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

The GOP’s package would allow schools to purchase more than 100 million school supplies and other items at retail stores, with prices to go up by $10 for every dollar the government provides for school supplies.

But many senators say the package is too far in the future.

Sen. John Cornyn John CornumSenate Republicans push school supply bill to go aheadThis week, senators will continue to grapple with how to fund education and the fallout of a gunman’s deadly rampage at a Connecticut elementary school.

Senators have yet to determine what to do with the $10 million that was set aside in the bill for school equipment and supplies, which was expected to help schools purchase more school supplies for their classrooms.

Ahead of the Tuesday markup, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 13-11 on a package that includes $2.9 billion for a school safety fund, a $1.9-billion fund to cover teachers’ health benefits, and a $700 million fund for grants for low-income students.

The $2 billion will help schools pay for equipment, which they could use to provide more safety and security to their classrooms, Cornyn said.

Cornyn said the bill was designed to help states pay for the equipment they would need.

He said the goal was to have schools provide the same level of safety and safety for students as other school districts.

“We’re trying to provide as much assistance to the states as we can,” he said.

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The package also includes a provision to help small businesses get their tax breaks, a move Republicans say is needed to help boost small businesses and the middle class.

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