Israeli boy wins $500,000 from the Dodgers baseball team after winning $1 million dollar prize

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Israel’s boy won $1.5 million in prize money after winning a $1,000,000 prize from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In a video posted online, the boy, whose name was withheld for his privacy, said he was thrilled to win $500K in a contest hosted by the Dodgers and posted to YouTube.

“I’m a big fan of the Dodgers, so it was nice to win something like this, and I really hope it goes to the Dodgers for the charity that it is,” the boy said in the video.

“The charity is [the] children’s hospital.

The charity is the children’s school.”

The boy, who lives in Israel, said that the $1-million prize came from the American Dream Foundation, an organization that helps children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The boy said he received a phone call from the foundation asking him to provide his personal details, which he did on Wednesday.

He said that they contacted him on Thursday and that he was contacted by the organization a few hours later.

The organization will then contact him and he will have the money in his account, he said.

“It’s a nice way to give back, and a nice gesture, to the children who are diagnosed with a cancer,” the youngster said in a video.

He said he would have to pay a $50 fee to be awarded the money, and that it would go to the charity.