Lego school supply cart hits the market in South Korea

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Legos are everywhere these days, from home decor to classroom equipment.

And now, a Korean school supply company is selling its own versions of the popular toys.

The South Korean company, KK Toys, has released the Lego School Supply Cart, or LSCC.

It comes in four different colors and comes with different items to fit different needs.

The LSCC is also designed to fit into classrooms, which makes it ideal for a Korean classroom where kids need a variety of materials.

“The LSCC has been designed for Korean school classrooms, as well as for other types of classrooms as well,” said Kim Yong-ho, CEO of KK Toy, adding that the LSCC also works for other countries.

“It’s a unique solution for the classroom where students have a variety in their classroom needs.”

The LScc was developed by KKToy, which has also produced similar products in the past.

Its first product was launched in 2015, and its second was released in 2018.

The company has now expanded to the United States, as it has a second-generation model that can fit classrooms in most homes.

The LSCCC has been redesigned for classrooms.

The new model is designed for a wide variety of classrooms, from large elementary classrooms to smaller high school classrooms.

It’s a great fit for classrooms where students need different materials for different purposes.

“We designed the LSCCC to be a solution for classrooms that are in need of a variety and we think it is a great solution for those classrooms,” said Mr. Kim.

The KK School Supply cart is now available at a local store, with a price tag of about $14.95.

If you want to purchase the LScc for your classroom, it will cost you about $1,100.

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