School supplies store ‘couldn’t even tell us’ how to use them

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A school supplies store in Virginia says it’s “totally clueless” as to how to get its customers to buy school supplies.

The problem is a new trend: parents are buying more and more school supplies online.

But some of the supplies, like the coloring books and pencils, are only available in stores.

The store at 5th Street and Westlake Boulevard in Charlottesville says it can’t keep up with demand, and it is closing its doors for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for the store told CBS News the store’s shelves have been full for months, and that the store only sells online.

The spokesperson said the store is still in the process of getting new supplies from its suppliers.

The outlet said it was already dealing with some supply shortages in the market, but said the shop is just not able to keep up.

“We’re completely clueless,” store owner Michael Gagnon said.

“We’ve never been able to even tell our customers how to purchase these products.”

Gagnon is a parent of two children, and he said he is frustrated with the situation.

He said that when he went to his local Walmart in Virginia, the store had more than 5,000 items for sale, and all of them were for the children.

“I thought, ‘This is a great time to be able to buy the kids things,'” Gagnons wife, Lisa, told CBS affiliate WAVY.

She said she wanted to buy a book, but she found the books at Walmart and decided to buy it at home instead.

“It was like the biggest shock, that it wasn’t here,” she said.

“The stores we go to, they have all these different kinds of supplies, but they’re all out of stock,” she added.

The Gagnmans are considering putting their children’s supplies on their shopping cart and using coupons, but are worried about how they will afford the supplies in the future.

The couple said they have talked to other parents who have used the same shopping carts at the store and have learned how to navigate the store.

“There are a lot of little kids out there that are not even aware that there’s a different way to get stuff,” Gagnone said.