‘SpongeBob’ creator says it’s important to make kids feel like they’re in a cartoon – Radio Times

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1 / 2 RTE’s Brian Murphy discusses ‘Spinster’ creator Robert Crumb, his latest project and why he wants children to ‘feel like theyre in a SpongeBob movie’ article It has been four years since the release of ‘Spinning The Wheel’, the first feature film by the director Robert Crumbs, but it is still fresh in his mind.

‘It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride in the film industry, but this is what it is, this is a very special film, and I think that people who have seen it, who have had a chance to watch it, will be able to say that they felt the same thing,’ he told Radio Times.

‘The reason why I feel that way is because of the characters.

I love the characters, I love that they’re different, and it’s very important for me that kids feel theyre inside the characters.’

The films’ central conceit is the same: a kid’s quest to escape a world in which he feels a deep connection to his creator, who, like himself, is a cartoon character.

But ‘Spinner’ is not just a film about a kid, as the characters’ struggles with the realities of their own childhood are more of a backdrop to Crumb’s film than a story of his own.

‘There’s something in the nature of the film, I think, that’s very much about a child in a very challenging world,’ he said.

‘And I think in a way it was very important to me that children, especially kids, felt like they were in a comic book and not in a world where they’re living in.’

‘Spinel’ has been a commercial success and is currently the highest-grossing movie of its genre ever, earning $5.3m worldwide.

But while ‘Spins’ has received a warm reception from critics and audiences alike, Crumb has yet to secure a major studio deal.

The film’s success has put him in the company of other creators, including Adam McKay and Danny Boyle, who both released films last year, and will both make their feature film debuts in the coming months.

‘Spinar’ is currently in post-production, but Crumb and director Chris Columbus have already been in the process of shooting a new sequel.

‘I would say, in the next few weeks, I am going to be shooting the second film, ‘Spinen,’ which is sort of a sequel to ‘Spine,’ and then, hopefully, we can start shooting it next year, too,’ he laughed.

‘You know, it’s going to start with a bang, and we’re going to do this very quickly.

‘We’ve got to get the first film done in the time it takes for us to do the second one.

I think we’re in great shape, and that will be great.’

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