The black school supply market is a ‘dire’ black market, according to researchers

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Researchers have called the black schoolsupply market “a severe black market” that could be worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

The Black School Supply Market is a market that is “largely unregulated and largely unregulated by law” according to the researchers, whose report was published by the Royal Economic Society.

They found that a large number of black students are buying school supplies at bargain prices, despite the “challenges” associated with buying black school products, which is partly due to the fact that “black school pupils are generally poor and disadvantaged and have low literacy rates”.

“This means that the supply of such products is often inadequate to meet the needs of pupils, with a lack of proper quality control, high prices and a lack in transparency and accountability”.

According to the report, the black market “generally exists in the form of large-scale black marketeers who are able to obtain large amounts of school supplies from large suppliers, including schools”.

“Black school supplies are sometimes used in the illegal market, such as by street gangs to buy weapons or to disguise themselves as school staff, as well as for drug dealing, prostitution and other illegal activities”.

The report, entitled Black School Supplies: What Black People Buy and Sell , states that “there is no standardised supply of school supply in Britain and the black community has an extensive market”.

The researchers have called for a “national strategy” to tackle the black supply market.

“We believe that the black-marketing industry in Britain needs to be tackled in a comprehensive way to protect the children and society,” the report said.

The report also called for the establishment of a “black board” for school supplies, which would “reduce the black trade and promote a more ethical supply chain”.

“Our recommendations include: The creation of a national black board for school supply to be set up by the education sector, and an industry-wide strategy to tackle black school marketeers”.

Source: Google News