The NRA’s new school supplies line is a hit

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A new line of school supplies has a name, a price tag, and it comes from the National Rifle Association.

The brand, Ryan, is designed to help students learn how to safely use a firearm.

The NRA is calling it “the safest and most effective school supplies on the market today.”

The product comes in three sizes.

The first, the Small, costs $79.95.

The second, the Medium, costs an additional $129.95, and the Large, costs a total of $399.95 — for a total price of $529.95 for the two sizes.

The Ryan line of gun-safety products comes in the following categories: Safety First, which includes safety belts, gloves, and safety glasses.

Safety First 2nd Edition, which contains two sets of safety belts and a helmet.

Ryan Safety First 2-Pack, which comes with safety goggles, a safety vest, and a safety belt.

Gun Safety First (2-Pack) $69.95 Gun Safer 1st Edition, the most recent release of the Ryan brand, includes two sets to protect students in school, as well as a safety harness.

Tough to Kill, the brand’s name for the safety belts in the first two sets, is a new line that comes in two sizes, Small and Medium.

For those of you who have been waiting for this line to arrive, you’ll get it now.

It’s a $129 product.

If you are in need of some school supplies that are specifically designed for your child, the Rysh’s are here to help.

They are designed to provide the right kind of safety to your child.

I have no idea why the NRA wants to sell guns to schools, but I can’t blame them for trying.

The gun-control group has been trying to get more people to buy their products.

It’s not surprising that the NRA would want to make sure kids don’t learn about gun safety.

Guns are just a tool, after all.

The group is the largest private employer in the United States, and they make up the vast majority of gun owners.

There’s no question that the Ryders line of guns are safe and effective.

They come in the best-looking and most durable versions, which are more than a little impressive considering they cost $100 each.

I’d like to see more companies that offer high-quality safety gear, but the NRA’s tactics are working.

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