Tukwilas school supplies: virtual school supply chain to expand in WA

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Tukwa, Washington—In a sign that virtual school suppliers are expanding their supply chain across the West, Tukwas primary and secondary schools in Tukawa, Washington, have ordered nearly 200 items to be replaced in 2016.

“This is a critical time to be in school and our children need the supplies that we have now,” said Tukwatana County School Board President Lisa Roussos, noting that more than half of the school district’s students use electronic learning devices, such as iPads and iPhones.

“The need for these devices is so great that we’ve been making purchases to get them in stock and then we can provide them to our students.”

A spokesperson for the state Department of Education confirmed that school supplies were among the items being replaced.

“We will replace some items, but we have more than 200 items that will be replaced this year,” said Department of Public Instruction spokeswoman Lauren Fauci.

“We will notify parents of the replacement in the mail, and we’ll continue to offer replacement services throughout the year.”

A number of states are in the process of rolling out digital education initiatives, with many of them focused on digital literacy.

In the West’s case, states are also looking to replace physical equipment, which has been linked to a number of recent school deaths.

Last year, a report found that physical school equipment was responsible for a whopping 47% of all school deaths in the West.

This year, officials are expected to focus on the supply chain, with more than 50 states and territories set to announce their school supplies replacements by the end of the year.

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