When it comes to school supplies, schools will soon be stocking up

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FSU students are bracing for the next wave of supplies coming to schools across the nation, but one Florida high school won’t be stocking them.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, students in the Broward County School District will be able to buy school supplies in the coming months. 

“They will have more access to supplies than we’ve had in a while, including books, bookshelves, a variety of educational materials, including music, film, games and other materials,” said school board member, Bobbi Sall.

Sall is hoping to bring more school supplies to schools in Florida this year.

She wants to keep up with the demand, but she said she is hoping for more than just the basics.

“We want to make sure that we have a wide range of supplies to make our classrooms as functional as possible,” she said.

“The supplies we have, we want to put them in the schools, not just the classrooms,” Sall added.

The district will have to keep the books, toys and other school supplies separate from the rest of the supplies. 

The Broward School Board voted to begin selling school supplies earlier this year after an outcry from parents and students.

Schools are currently using their own supplies.

The school board hopes that more schools will be following suit.