When will you return to the temple?

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When will the students return to school?

The school has announced it will be back in session by the end of May, but the government has been holding out on the matter.

The government has told the schools it must prepare for an indefinite stay and has not said when it will resume.

“The school is working to complete all preparations and will be in session on May 26.

The Centre will provide support to the school for its rehabilitation,” a government official told The Hindu.

The government has promised that the students will be given a “safe environment” in which to study, but this is not a guarantee.

The state government has said that students will not be able to enter the campus without permission.

The school’s principal, K Sivanathan, said the students had to be “educated on proper procedure” and the government was trying to ensure they did so.

“There are strict guidelines and rules in the school, which we must follow.

We have taken steps to ensure that they do not enter the premises,” he said.

The principal also said that the government would provide a “safety blanket” to students, who are not allowed to leave the premises.