Why you shouldn’t buy school supplies online

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Parents and teachers alike should be wary of buying school supplies from online sellers, with some suggesting that it could lead to children being left behind and not getting the supplies they need. 

The problem is that these online sellers aren’t in control of the supply chain, and that could lead children to be left behind in the process.

“The problem with buying school supply online is that there’s no control,” said Elizabeth Paz, a professor of education and social work at the University of Pittsburgh, who is an expert in online safety.

“The products are delivered by mail and the retailers are not in control.

And what happens is that the kids are not protected.” 

Paz said the situation is similar to the one that happened last week with a school supply warehouse in California that was damaged by a flood.

A flood was reported and the warehouse flooded, but when the school district and local officials arrived at the scene, the supplies were gone.

“There’s no way to predict that you will be safe when you are going to the store,” Paz said. 

Piz said that, with online sellers like Etsy and Amazon, the risk of children being hurt is much higher than with the supply warehouses.

“We have no control of what goes on the web,” Piz said.

“They can be hacked and they can be exploited.”

The fact that the online retailers are offering a range of products means that they aren’t necessarily regulated by the government.

The U.S. Department of Education and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are both in charge of regulating online businesses.

Paz, however, said that she thinks that the problem is getting worse, and not better.

“It’s not that the companies are better, but the fact that they’re providing an online marketplace is really bad, and it’s not the fault of the online marketplace,” Pz said.

The FTC, for example, has taken down many of the companies that were selling online drugs and alcohol, Paz added.

Paz believes that it’s also a problem because of the way the FTC operates.

“They are not responsible for the people that are creating the marketplace,” she said.

“When you’re selling online, there’s nothing you can do about it,” Pizzas said.

Pizzas pointed to the FTC’s recent decision to allow the online retailer Ebay to continue operating as an illegal marketplace.

That decision was made by a three-judge panel that ruled that Ebay had violated the Sherman Antitrust Act, which prohibits online sellers from engaging in illegal conduct.

According to Paz’s research, the FTC has found that, as of February 2018, there are only 12 lawsuits filed against the online sellers that are still active.

Of those, only two involve physical injury or property damage.

Pizzos said the FTC would like to see those cases brought against the sellers. 

“I think we can get to the point where we can bring the lawsuits against the people who are doing this, because we don’t want to be doing this with the people we’re dealing with,” Ponzi said.

While online sellers are offering many of their products for sale on sites like Etsy, it’s hard to know exactly how many children are being harmed online.

The FTC said that it does not know how many kids have been harmed online, because the agency does not have data about how many cases have been filed. 

In the meantime, Pizzias said she wants the FTC to step in and help.

“We need to have some sort of monitoring program that will make sure that the retailers aren’t selling products that are unsafe and the kids aren’t being harmed,” Piaz said.

Piaz is also a founding board member of the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University, which is working to combat online child abuse and neglect.

“I want them to make sure the kids have safe and secure online experience,” Pitz said.

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