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Free school supplies like desks, books and pencils are popular among families with younger children, as they are more affordable and less complicated to purchase.

However, these types of items are not often shared with children under the age of seven, as many parents don’t want to see their children sharing them.

Here’s a guide to the different types of shared school supply available, as well as what they can do for your child.

Here are some common questions you might have:Do shared school items include a picture?

Yes, the following are available in the shared school store: desks, tables, chairs, desks, desks.

What are the different sizes?

Can I have my own set?

Some shared school products can be ordered with a picture.

For example, there is a kit that includes a desk, a desk chair, a table, a chair, and a shelf.

What happens when I want to return my purchase?

You can return any unused, unused, or out of stock items from your shared school purchase within 14 days of receiving it.

The school will be reimbursed the full cost of the item(s) you return, including any shipping and handling charges.

How can I get more information about shared education supplies?

If you’re not sure about a shared school product, please call the retailer or contact us at 1-800-937-1488.

What about special needs?

What if I have special needs and need the product to fit a specific body shape?

The school’s policy is to accommodate all children with special needs.

For example, if you need a chair for someone with a low back problem, you can order a desk.

We will then contact you with a quote for the item and a list of the body shape and other details.

What happens if there are no chairs in stock?

If your child has a special needs disability, you may need the chair for a special activity, like a walk to school.

If you want the chair because you have a high-impact event or you have chronic pain, you should ask for the chair in the first place.

If you are unsure about the size of the chair you want, ask the retailer if they can give you a size reference.

You can also ask them to give you an alternative size if they don’t have a specific size that fits your child’s needs.

What if the child has special needs but I can’t afford the items?

If the child doesn’t have special health or developmental needs and needs the product for a specific activity, the retailer can help you.

You will be responsible for any additional shipping costs, such as the cost of shipping the product from the store to your home.

How do I get the items I need?

You will receive a confirmation email with the required information.

What if I need more than one item?

The retailer can also give you information on ordering the product that you need.

You should be aware that if the product is not available for a particular activity, your child may be charged extra for this additional cost.

What can I do if I can no longer use a shared supply?

You may have to return the product or ask the school to return it.

If the school has given you a refund, you must return it within 14 business days.

How long does it take to get a return?

We do not accept returns or exchanges.

However, if your order has been returned to us, we will send you an email to tell you when it will be returned.

What is the return policy for my purchased school supplies?

You must return all items to the retailer for inspection and to be replaced with the same items as the one that was purchased.

This includes a refund if you did not order the correct product.

What will happen if I return an item that I purchased with my child?

If an item is returned, we have no control over the condition or contents of the product.

The retailer will take the necessary measures to determine what was purchased and replace it with the product purchased.

When an item returns, the school will provide a refund or replacement for the product, depending on the circumstances.

How long does the refund take?

We will process your refund within 14 working days of receipt of the returned item.

What should I do in the event of an injury or illness during the production of a school supply?

The most common injuries and illnesses during production of school supplies are cuts, scratches, and cuts or scrapes.

If there is any doubt about whether or not a school supplies was damaged, you need to contact us.

What should I know about when and how I can report injuries and illness?

We provide an online form for reporting injuries and sickness to us.

If your child suffers a serious injury or sickness while producing a school product or is sick or injured, you will need to follow the same procedures as the retailer to report them to us so that we can help your child and their family.

What do I do when I find a missing item

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