School supplies: Is this the new ‘Black Lives Matter’?

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A new school supplies company is trying to use the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag to promote their line of school supplies.

Kellogg Ketch has started selling the Black Lives Matter and #blacklivesmatter bracelets to schools across the country, including in New Jersey.

The bracelets feature a picture of an African-American child and a slogan like “Black lives matter,” “Black Lives matter” and “#BlackLightsMatter” on the front.

Ketch says it is the first time the company has been in a position to reach such a large audience of students.

But the bracelets are not without controversy.

One of the black children depicted on the back of the bracelet is of course the 12-year-old girl who was killed in a shooting last week in Chicago.

A group of students in New York City have called on the company to drop the Black Lifts logo, which is the name of the company that makes the braceles.

But many students who wear the braceets are not happy about it.

They argue that the company is attempting to promote a movement that does not exist, and the hashtag “#BlackMattersMatter is not appropriate.”

Ketch has been offering these bracelets for students at their schools since last year.

But some parents and students in the United States and Canada have been taking issue with the bracets.