School supplies to students, teachers: What to expect

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The Jerusalem post says the Israeli military is planning to distribute supplies to its military personnel and teachers, as part of a major modernization program that has begun to take hold.

According to a military source, a new shipment of school supplies is expected to be distributed in the coming weeks, including a set of school uniforms and a new set of pencils.

The source also says the program is expected soon to distribute new school textbooks, which will also be available for purchase, as well as new materials, including pencils, pens and paper.

The IDF source added that the IDF is planning an upgrade to the military’s existing military schools, as they were previously not able to provide supplies and that it will begin this year to upgrade existing schools.

Earlier this month, a senior military source told Ma’an that the Israeli army had begun a major project to modernize its military schools.

“The IDF will continue to upgrade the existing military educational institutions with new equipment, training and technologies,” the source said.

“This project is not about replacing existing facilities, but upgrading them to serve the IDF needs in the future.

The IDF is also considering expanding the existing facilities to accommodate the needs of the IDF’s young people.

The plan is to begin the upgrade this year and extend it to the entire IDF.

The upgrading of the existing structures is being undertaken in a coordinated manner to meet the needs and priorities of the army, the IDF said in a statement.

The new schools will also include new classrooms and classrooms with extra seating, and the use of a new cafeteria.

The Israeli military has been struggling with shortages of basic necessities in recent months, especially with the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The Israeli military’s primary source of income is its salaries for its soldiers.