Supreme School Supply: $8.2 million gift for art supplies

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Now Playing: Trump to meet with Supreme Court justices, including justices who voted to overturn the Hobby Lobby decisionNow Playing: President Trump meets with Supreme court justicesNow Playing:”A Supreme Court ruling that struck down Obamacare was a blow to the middle class”Now PlayingPresident Trump meets w/ Supreme Court Justices who voted against the rulingNow Playing”This was a great day for our country, and it was a tremendous honor to meet so many of the great people of this country, including Chief Justice Roberts, Justices Gorsuch, Kennedy and Scalia,” President Trump said.

President Trump said the Supreme Court’s ruling “is a great opportunity for the nation to move forward.”

“Now that the Supreme court has struck down the Affordable Care Act, the opportunity for a new path to prosperity has been opened, and the time for a change is now,” he said.

“This will allow millions of Americans to take the steps they need to become more self-sufficient, secure, and empowered.

The President and his Administration are committed to working with Congress to make sure that this path to success is available to all Americans.”

President Trump will meet with a range of Supreme Court Justice leaders as well as a number of business leaders including Elon Musk, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a statement.

“This historic day for the people of the United States will not be forgotten, and we will use the opportunity to reaffirm our belief in America’s founding principles of freedom, opportunity, and justice for all,” Musk said.

“President Trump is honored to welcome Supreme Court Chief Justice Clarence Thomas and President Merrick Garland to the White House to address the nation about the court’s historic decision to uphold the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act.”

The President and the Supreme Judicial Council are thrilled to have Justice Thomas and Justice Garland here and we look forward to working together to help make sure this great day in America continues,” he added.