Trump tweets that he’s still buying school supplies from the “worst companies”

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Trump’s tweet Tuesday morning was about the school supplies he bought from the worst companies, which included Target and Walmart.

Trump tweeted that the “best deal is to use the best schools supplies for school supplies.”

But it’s not just school supplies that Trump is buying at the worst retailers.

The president’s tweets echo the claims of retailers like Wal-Mart, which has been accused of selling the most inferior school supplies in the U.S. in a recent report from the Better Business Bureau.

The Trump administration is now calling on Wal-mart to end its partnership with the school supply company.

A statement from the White House reads, “While we commend Target for its efforts to reduce harmful waste and to combat school supplies waste, we have serious concerns about the extent to which they use the same brand of school supplies they have sold for decades, which are manufactured by the worst-performing companies.

We have asked Target to review the terms and conditions of their agreement with the company and to remove the brand from its shelves.”

Wal-Mart is still a major supplier to the U-M system, but the president has threatened to withdraw his business from the retailer.