When can I expect my school supplies?

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By Tom BensingerPosted in News on September 13, 2018 12:10:34After weeks of anticipation, students in Italy finally began receiving their school supplies on September 7.

The deadline to order school supplies for the 2018-19 school year has passed, but some are still waiting for their order to arrive in the mail.

Some of the most popular school supplies were already in the homes of parents and children.

However, in the case of Lego, the Lego school supplies that are being sold are not for the home.

Legos are not actually school supplies.

Instead, the school supplies are being used to create an art and craft project.

A new line of Legos have been launched in Italy, called “Lego art”, according to the official website of the Legos company.

They are currently available in Italian schools, according to Italian media outlet La Stampa.

In the past, the Lego school supply line was available in schools across the country, but with the launch of Legoland in Italy in 2018, it is now available in public schools.

The website states that the Legoland Legoland School Supply is intended for children ages 3-12 years old, but also the parents and teachers who can use it.

The line is currently available for pre-schoolers, ages 6-12, as well as kindergarteners and kindergarten teachers.

There are currently four schools in the school supply store.

In addition to Legos, students can also get school supplies in the form of paint brushes, plastic toys and other school supplies at Legoland stores across Italy.

This year, students are able to purchase new Legos for the first time in 2018.

The Legoland brand has been launched on the second day of school in schools, with Legos being sold in the first and third days of school as well.

The new Legoland line of products is being introduced by the Italian LEGO Group, a joint venture between LEGO, the parent company of Lego, and the Italian company Nippon Nippons.

According to the website, the new Lego line will provide students with fun and innovative Lego creations.

“This year the new line will be introduced by LEGO, which will bring new opportunities for our students to learn, solve new problems and engage in creative projects,” said Il Giornale, the president of Legolassia.

Legolassians school supplies line, Legos.com, also states that Legos will be available for students starting in September, and that all children should have access to the product in order to participate in the Legolessy.