Which Kentucky school supplies are on the list of best in the country?

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Posted September 28, 2018 09:25:50Kentucky school children are being urged to buy the best school supplies to help them cope with the Ebola virus outbreak.

According to the latest report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 60 percent of schools are reporting a spike in cases of the coronavirus.

Kentucky Gov.

Matt Bevin said in a statement on Friday that the Ebola outbreak is “exacerbating the impact of the current severe drought.”

He also said that Kentucky’s health system is understaffed and “is not well prepared for this unprecedented event.”

Bevin said Kentucky schools have been “overwhelmed” with requests to purchase school supplies.

“In many cases, schools are ordering items they have not seen for months, months, or even years,” Bevin added.

Kentucky has been the target of a massive public health response, including a massive lockdown of schools, a massive curfew and a nationwide lockdown.

But it remains unclear whether the outbreak will affect the state’s ability to produce its own school supplies or whether schools will be forced to import school supplies from overseas.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky Department of Education said that there is no current state or federal mandate to purchase or import school supply.

As for Kentucky’s response to the outbreak, the governor said he was “shocked and saddened” by the outbreak.

“The Ebola outbreak in the United States is a crisis we have not prepared for,” he said in his statement.

“It is affecting schools and teachers, our community, and our state.”