Which school supplies do you need to be able to keep up with all the school supplies and school supplies sets?

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Schools have been adding more and more school supplies to their shelves this year, with parents increasingly asking for more of their kids to have the same items in their classrooms.

But some parents aren’t as concerned about stocking up on school supplies as they used to be. 

So we’ve compiled some of our favorite school supplies from the past few years and put them in a category of their own: “What you really need” is a big topic.

We also tried to keep in mind that if you’re a parent who has a child who’s been diagnosed with a medical condition, that might mean you need something that isn’t on this list.

For that reason, some of the school supply choices below might be out of stock and others are just out of our budget.

Here’s our list of the top school supplies that you might need.

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This year, our list includes: New school supplies: The kids love these new books and games for the new school year.

The kids really appreciate the new ones.

We love these books!

Dollar store: This is a great place to shop for school supplies if you can’t get the school store.

Teachers: Teachers are going to love this new teacher-approved supply.

Hobby Lobby: If you need some new books for your kids, this is a must-have.

Gift cards: If the school has one of these, it’s a great idea to use it as a school gift.

Bought at a department store: If your kid has an interest in science, history, or even the occasional hobby, this can be a great choice.

New items for kids: These new school supplies might be a good idea if your kids are starting to get their hands on some old school supplies.

The kids love them!

We love them, too!

Halloween is upon us!

So what’s the best school supplies this year?

We know that it’s hard to say.

We think it’s important to think about the kids and the new items you need.

It can be tough to know which items are a good buy, but the answers to these questions will give you an idea.

If you have questions about the school stuff you need, ask them in the comments below.

We’ll be sure to check it out. 

The Best School Supplies This Year