Why Kroger is getting ready to sell out school supplies

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Kroger says it will sell out classroom supplies, school supplies and even lunch boxes.

The fast-food chain said Thursday that it plans to sell more than 2 million school supplies through March 31, 2019, the end of the current school year.

Kroger said it will offer free shipping on all school supplies in March.

The chain is one of several retailers in the industry that are selling supplies that are part of the U.S. Department of Education’s school supplies program.

Krogers chief marketing officer, Julie Smith, said the school supplies industry is an important part of Kroger’s portfolio.

Smith said Kroger will offer “free shipping” on all the school goods it sells.

“We will continue to focus on delivering the highest quality products at the best value,” she said.

The company also plans to offer a special offer on lunch boxes and other school supplies beginning in March, including a special gift kit with “one of our most popular meals.”

The school supplies offer was announced at the beginning of the school year, which starts March 1.

Kroges decision to sell school supplies comes at a time of increased competition in the marketplace, including from grocery stores.

Krogas and Walmart are launching their own school supplies offerings.

Krogards new school supplies policy will give it more flexibility in marketing and selling school supplies.

Smith did not provide details about the policies.

Kroeger has more than 6,000 stores in the U, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Mexico.

It has more stores in Canada, the U., the U-K., the Philippines, South Korea, India and Australia.

Krogs parent company, Kellogg, has more 6,800 stores in 39 countries.

The school supply industry is booming.

The supply chain for school supplies has expanded over the last several years as retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart have pushed into the supply chain.

Kroerges new school supply policy is part of a wider push by retailers to expand into the industry.

In August, Walmart announced it would expand its education department by recruiting a full-time assistant to help its school supplies team, and in November, Walmart also hired a new supply assistant to oversee its school supply sales.

Krozger and Walgreens plans to be among the first to introduce the new school resources policy.

“The Kroger brand and its commitment to providing quality, affordable, dependable school supplies are part and parcel of our business,” Smith said.

Kroggs new school products policy is not expected to impact the company’s school supply supply business, which includes the Kroger Supermarket, the Kroggefruits grocery store and other outlets.

The Supermarket has sold more than 5.4 million school items to school districts over the past five years.

Kroglers parent company Kellogg is not part of any of the new business initiatives, but has been making changes to its supply chains, said Jason Bittner, chief executive officer of Kellogg Foods.

“Kellogg has always provided high-quality, dependably made, high-value school supplies,” Bittners statement said.

“Our decision to change our supply chain has nothing to do with Krogers new policy and everything to do directly with our commitment to our customers and our brands.”

The new school resource policies are the latest moves by Kroger to become more involved in the supply industry.

The retailer last year announced plans to buy an undisclosed number of new food processing plants, including one in Mexico that it said could boost food-safety inspections.

It also said it would hire at least 100 more food safety inspectors in its supply chain over the next five years, adding to its workforce of more than 4,200.