Bhopal: ‘We can’t control the situation’

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In a town in the north of the state of Bihar, the situation is still precarious.

The district administration is trying to put out fires but so far the fires have destroyed nearly half the homes.

The situation has worsened.

The district administration and police have asked people to leave their homes.

They have been instructed to get out and stay away from any place that is inhabited by those who are suspected of committing arson.

“People should leave their houses.

If they want to stay, they should stay in their houses and we will let them live in the houses.

They should not burn anything.

We can’t prevent it.

We are not responsible for what happens,” said Kishore Pandey, who heads the village administration and is the district administration’s chief.

There have been similar instances in other districts in the region.

But no other area in Bihar has been affected as much as Bhopals.

The government in Bihar and the neighbouring states has been faced with a series of fires in the past three years.

The incidents have killed at least 1,800 people and damaged more than 60,000 buildings.

A total of 4,000 people have been killed and another 8,000 have been injured in the fires.

In the aftermath of the Bhopali fires, the state government set up the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMRA) in the state and put in place a comprehensive programme to control the fires and other emergencies.

The central government has also asked the NDMRA to step up the effort to put a stop to the fires in Bhopaling.

In August, the NDARA said it had identified 14 areas that have been hit by fires in recent years and they are now being checked for their location and the status of their infrastructure.

A team has been set up to check the safety of the fire-prone areas.

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