How many kids can be found with supplies at a southwest school?

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The South Wales Central School Authority (SCSA) has revealed how many kids are being sent home after being ordered to use a supply of T-shirts.

A spokeswoman said: “As the number of students in the schools increased, so did the number required to supply the school supply.”

At this point we have identified a limited number of suitable school supplies available to supply our schools, with some students in school having to be sent home.

“She added: “We are aware of some of the issues that students are experiencing with the supply of school supplies and we are working with schools to address them.

“Read moreSouth Wales Central High School’s supply of the T-shirt was also criticised.

The school was ordered to send all children to the district’s secondary school after it was discovered that some of their supplies were being supplied to other schools.

A spokesperson for the district said: “[The supply] was supplied to the other schools and the district will not be using the same school supplies to supply classrooms with T-Shirts.”

The district is now liaising with the school to ensure the supply is being used appropriately.”

South Wales’ T- shirts were originally made by the company Adidas, which was bought by Adidas in 2012 for £7.7 billion.

The SCSA said they would “continue to work with schools and their suppliers to ensure students are not being sent to other primary and secondary schools”.

However, the spokeswoman added: “[We] have been in contact with the parent organisation to ensure that all T-Toys are being used correctly and that they are not having any issues.”