How to buy your school supplies online for under £100

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The latest in the world of school supplies can be purchased online for around £100, according to a study commissioned by the National Council for Science and Technology.

It found the average price of school products sold online was £10.94 per item.

“If you’re looking for school supplies that are made from the highest quality materials, then you’ll be rewarded with fantastic customer service,” said Richard Lofthouse, director of education at the National Academy of Sciences.

The academy said the study was the first to examine how online retailers compare with their local market.

It found that the average UK school supply online cost £10 in 2015, up 10 per cent from 2014.

Last year, the average US school supply was £15.70, compared to £14.60 for UK schools.

While the average cost of UK school supplies rose 10 per 100 items in 2015 to £10, there were also gains for Australian schools, where prices fell 11 per cent to £8.97.

However, while prices in Australia have dropped for schools, the study found that there was no clear pattern for UK school prices.

There was a rise in the cost of school clothing for women, from £2.98 to £4.99, but the report said the gap between men’s and women’s prices was small.

A spokesman for the National Academies of Science and Engineering and Technology said: “School supplies are a key part of a child’s education.

This study shows that there are very limited choices when it comes to school supplies for children.”

He said schools were also working to improve customer service and improve their online shopping experience.

In the UK, the Department for Education said it was working with the Association of School and College Leaders to identify the best way for school authorities to provide schools with best value for money.

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