How to get cheap school supplies for your child

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The Jerusalem Children’s Hospital is offering cheap school kits and supplies for the upcoming school year.

The hospital’s website says that in addition to supplies for students in special needs classes, they will also be providing supplies for families and families with limited budgets.

They also offer some educational items, including a digital classroom system, and are asking for donations.

The supplies are for schools in areas that do not have adequate resources for special education students, and that are in need of a variety of supplies.

The hospitals website says there are about 4,000 students in these special education classes and the average cost is about $5,000.

For each kit purchased, the organization is asking that a family contribute $10 to the cause.

In addition to the supplies, the hospital is also offering a free digital education system for students that are interested in using.

The website also has a list of special education schools that can receive the supplies.

“A large part of the costs are for materials that we need to provide for the students in our special education school, which we will be able to do in partnership with a special education program,” the website says.

The organization also wants to raise funds to purchase some additional materials, such as a computer and some textbooks.

“We are looking for materials for a number of schools in the coming months,” the hospital said.

The group also said that it has plans to begin offering the supplies on a limited basis, starting with the district’s special education classrooms.

The information on the website indicates that the supplies are made in Israel and that they will be shipped to a number, including the district.