How to store school supplies in your home

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Schools have become the new battleground in a war over supplies.

The battle is over the way supplies are distributed, the price of supplies, and the safety of students, teachers and staff, the Association of Public School Superintendents said in a statement.

School supplies are used by teachers, administrators, administrators and parents to keep students, staff and families safe.

As school supplies are more prevalent and more affordable, the issue has become a national issue.

In 2013, the United States lost more than 1 million teachers, 1.1 million school employees and 1.3 million students because of supplies shortages.

But the U.S. has not been as successful in reducing supplies shortages as other countries.

For example, the U-S-A has the lowest number of teachers on a teacher-to-student ratio in the world, according to the UBS Global Teacher Education Index.