Staples offers up new school supplies

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STOCKHOLM (AP) Staples Inc. said Friday that it is offering up a new line of school supplies that it says will save money on school supplies and cut carbon emissions.

The company said the new line, available in the U.S. and Canada, will include reusable school bags and reusable pencils.

The new line includes the following:•Schools can buy disposable school bags, pencils and notebooks for $2 per bag.•The bag can be recharged for $7.95.•Students can buy reusable school supplies with a one-time $4.95 donation.

Staples’ commitment to sustainability came as the company faces increased scrutiny from lawmakers, who have expressed concerns about the impact of the nation’s soaring costs of education and its use of disposable school supplies.

The Staples line is aimed at parents who want to recycle school supplies but are concerned about the long shelf life of materials.

Stores, including Staples, are offering up reusable school items for $4 per bag for the first two months.

That’s less than the average retail price of $11 per bag, according to data from the National Association of Home Furnishers.

But the price is cheaper than the standard $6.99 per bag on Amazon, which is often used as an indication of how much a product is actually worth.

The National Association said in a statement that the new school bags are “more cost-effective than the cost of shipping and handling.”

The U.K.-based company said it will offer the new reusable school products at $2 to $3 per bag within the next few months.

The prices will drop over time to $1 per bag in 2018 and $1.50 per bag next year.