The Waldorf School Supply company’s super-smart, affordable super-laser is a perfect gift for your favorite sci-fi nerds

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In 2018, the Waldorf school supply company teamed up with Amazon to make a laser pointer that you can use for anything from crafting to decorating.

The laser pointer has been on sale since February, and it costs $20.

(The price is higher if you buy in bulk.)

It comes in four colors, including one with a bright red light that can be used to light up your surroundings when you’re watching TV or listening to music.

You can even make a custom color for yourself, or add some holographic stickers for added flair.

The laser pointer can also shoot out a stream of lasers that can help illuminate a room, as well as illuminate the area around it.

The company says the laser pointer is more accurate than the standard laser pointer and is also brighter and easier to control.

The Waldo-Waldorf laser pointer comes with three different settings that let you adjust the intensity of the beam: Bright, Medium, and Dark.

The default setting is Bright, which means it’s capable of firing up to 200 times a second.

The light comes in different colors, ranging from red to green to blue.

This makes the laser the perfect companion for the sci-fier side of the sci fi universe.

The company also offers a few other features, including a 3-year warranty on the laser.

The Laser Beam is an easy-to-use tool that is compatible with nearly any tabletop laser and comes with a rechargeable battery, so you’ll always have it handy.