Claire’s school supply company to sell its trademark rights to LCC

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Claire’s School Supply Company, LLC will soon sell its trademarks to the LCC, the U.S. Department of Education said.

The LCC is a division of the Litton Companies, a private company that has been involved in the Japanese market since 2002, according to the Department of Commerce.LCC sells and licenses school supplies including classroom equipment, uniforms, school supplies and school supplies for the Japanese educational system.

The trademarks of LCC will be transferred to the U, D.C., based Litton Group, which is led by co-founder and CEO James Litton.

The company was founded in 1995 in a house in suburban Chicago by James Littles daughter, who was then married to the company’s CEO, Litton said in a statement.

The Littels founded the company after they saw a need to make school supplies.

“The Litton Company was founded on a strong belief in providing quality products that are of high quality and that we believe our consumers will appreciate,” Littlins statement read.

“We want to make sure that we provide the best products to our students and that our students are given the tools and resources to make their school lives easier and more successful.

Litton said the trademarks will be auctioned off to benefit the Little Foundation, a charity focused on education and human rights.

The U.K.-based Litton company’s logo, a red cross, is displayed on a product label in a store in Tokyo.

The department also announced that it will hold a public auction for Claire’s trademark rights in 2018, and that it is seeking bids for the trademark rights for a number of years.

Claire’s School Supplies Co. LLC is the parent company of Litton and other businesses that have been involved with the Japanese school supply industry, including Claire’s and Litton’s, according a statement from the U: Department of Justice.

Clary’s is also a registered trademark holder for Litton, and Litt’s company also holds the trademark for Claires school supplies line, according the statement.