How to buy school supplies in the U.S.

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A school supply gift that may be more than just a box of school supplies will be on sale to the public starting April 5.

The free online school supply shopping app, School Supply, is bringing back its “Free school supplies” campaign, which was launched in March.

School Supply is offering free gift cards for schools, home goods, and other supplies to help students save on school supplies.

Here’s how you can get one.

School Supply says that the free school supplies offer includes a variety of products, including:The app will launch a campaign on April 5, with a total value of $5.99 per item, but only eligible students can get the gift card.

The school supplies giveaway is limited to the first 30,000 students who use the app to order the items.

To get a free school supply, simply visit School Supply and click “Shop” to search for an item.

You can order as many items as you’d like for as little as $0.50 per item.

For example, you could order an aluminum school bag, a set of school-related stickers, and a set for your classroom.