How to get your school supplies from your local shop

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Posted by ABC News Australia on Monday, March 26, 2018 11:33:01 School supplies and school art supplies are among the items in the latest wave of new school supplies launched in Australia, with most schools including the school supply cart being replaced with digital school art kits.

Key points:Some schools have been ordered to remove the school art supply cartThe school supply art kit will be available for pre-purchasing and pre-sale onlineSchool art supplies including school supplies and artwork, including school books and stationery, will be delivered by school vendors on a first come, first serve basis to all schools in the state of Victoria.

The state’s Education Minister, Kate Ellis, said the digital school kits were an ideal addition to the range of products available to students in the schools.

“We’re going to start getting these schools to put them in the shops as quickly as possible,” Ms Ellis said.

“So that they can get them to buy it.”

They will be able to get them from the school store.

“The Digital school art kit includes two high quality, high resolution digital artworks from one of Victoria’s leading art schools.

Each school has its own online store for school supplies.

Students in a school will be given the opportunity to pre-order the school supplies online and receive them within one week.

Ms Ellis said the state would not have to provide the school vendors with the digital art kits, but would provide them with supplies that were already available to all students.”

If they’ve already got some supplies that they would like to purchase then they can go ahead and get them,” she said.

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source ABC Home Entertainment (AU ) title How digital schools will use school supplies article Source ABC News Online (AU):The Victorian Education Department said it was in discussions with the Victorian government to ensure the digital arts kits were available in all schools across the state.”

The digital arts kit will help schools meet their digital literacy goals, support local arts, music and dance programming and provide a way for schools to keep up with new technology,” the department said.

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