A child’s love of school supplies may not be what you think

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Posted October 24, 2018 08:16:14I recently visited a local school, and my young daughter (then just five months old) was excited to see how the school had been receiving supplies.

“Is this for the kids?”

I asked her.

The answer was “no”.

She wasn’t even sure if they had any books in the room.

As I walked away from the school I could see her eyes go wide.

She had a strong love of books, so she had been excited to get some.

This love of reading, and reading books, has been part of her life since the age of five.

Her parents had been trying to get her interested in science since she was five.

I remember going to school with her when I was seven years old and she was reading a book about a space probe.

When I got older I saw her start to read the news and books.

At the time she was already into science and maths, so I thought she had an incredible imagination.

It took me years of teaching to help her understand what science was, and what she was doing with it.

But she still had an amazing imagination.

I don’t think she realised at the time that I was the person who was helping her to become a better reader.

We didn’t have the best relationship at first, and she would often cry when I gave her advice, but I always made sure to listen to her.

My advice to you is to keep reading, I would say.

It can help you to develop an understanding of the science and what it means to you, as well as a sense of the world around you.

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