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A year ago, I got a pair of clays and a set of duct tape for $1.50.Since then, I’ve gone to sch

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cj schools supplies, lcjsms schools supplies article The school supplies store at the mall has a lot

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By Tom BensingerPosted in News on September 13, 2018 12:10:34After weeks of anticipation, students in

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When we visited Synoid, a new preschool in Chicago, we were met with the usual assortment of toys, de

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The Rainbow School Supplies Company was founded in 2012 by former Epi Systems CEO Scott Clements and

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ics supplies are cheap and readily available, so there are plenty of kids who need them.But they are

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Schools have been adding more and more school supplies to their shelves this year, with parents incre

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A school supply bag has become a popular option for many parents, as their children’s learning